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Course Overview

ATTITUDE ACADEMY, where you will get world class professional coaching as well as you get good coaching guidance for B.Tech & M.Tech by professional faculties. We offer internship-oriented B.Tech & M.Tech all subjects Coaching Classes with 100% passing result at yamuna vihar, uttam nagar and Delhi NCR institutes with 100% synopsis project preparation.

At ATTITUDE ACADEMY you will get new way of education, here all concepts would be clear by faculty in easy way. We have best faculties for all the courses. We will provide Assignment, study material and Videos relevant to course that will help students to understand particular topic or course. We will help you in Final Project Report too. Getting your degree completion on time should be hassle-free and affordable, and we will do everything possible to satisfy your requirements.

Bachelor of Technology degree is a professional engineering undergraduate degree awarded after completion of four years of academic study in engineering field. It is offered in many disciplines. In simple words, we can say that “B.Tech is that UG course after which you can become an engineer”. Bachelor of Technology is also known as Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in many institutions. There is a huge craze among the young students for engineering. Mostly science stream students want to become engineer and opt B.Tech after the completion of 12 th.

The first four semesters of the BTech Programmes are devoted to theoretical and hands-on laboratory training in Programme Core, Basic Sciences, and foundational courses from Professional Core. This is followed by advanced courses spread over the next three semesters along with an R&D project. The final semester is dedicated to Industry Practice (IP) wherein students get to work on real-life projects outside the college and in the industry for six months leading to the completion of the B Tech Programme. Thus, the B Tech Programme is the sum total of education measures undertaken to develop holistic and responsible individuals with life-long learning capability as there is a strong emphasis to ensure that students 'Learn to learn'.

Eligibility For This Course

BTECH requires a candidate to have passed HSC (10 + 2) exam with Science Stream.

The School of Engineering & Technology offers the following five undergraduate programmes.
1. B.Tech Civil Engineering
2. B.Tech Computer Science
3. B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering
4. B.Tech Electronic and Communication Engineering
5. B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Technology (B.TECH)

Minimum Duration: 4 Years
Maximum Duration: 8 Years
Minimum Age: No bar
Maximum Age: No bar
Eligibility:10+2 or its equivalent.


Any Bachelor’s degree of minimum 3(three) year duration from a recognized University” AND “Mathematics as one of the subject at 10+2 level or graduation level; else the student is required to pursue and pass the BCS-012 course concurrently with IGNOU MCA. If you had studied Maths at +2 or graduation level, then you need not register for BCS-012.

First Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
ETMA 101 Applied Mathematics - 1 4
ETPH 103 Applied Physics-I 3
ETME 105 Manufacturing Processes 3
ETEE 107 Electrical Technology 3
ETHS 109 Human Values and Professional Ethics-I# 1
ETCS 111 Fundamentals of Computing 2
ETCH 113 Applied Chemistry 3
ETPH 151 Applied Physics Lab-I 1
ETEE 153 Electrical Technology Lab 1
ETME 155 Workshop Practice 2
ETME 157 Engineering Graphics Lab 2
ETCS 157 Fundamentals of Computing Lab 1
ETCH 161 Applied Chemistry Lab 1

Second Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
ETMA 102 Applied Mathematics - I1 4
ETPH 104 Applied Physics-II 3
ETEC 106 Electronic Devices 3
ETCS 108 Introduction to Programming 3
ETME 110 Engineering Mechanics 3
ETHS 112 Communication Skills 3
ETEN 114 Environmental Studies 3
ETPH 152 Applied Physics Lab-II 1
ETCS 154 Programming Lab 1
ETEC 156 Electronic Devices Lab 1
ETME 158 Engineering Mechanics Lab 1
ETEN 160 Environmental Studies Lab 1

Third Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
ETMA 201 Applied Mathematics - III 4
ETCS 203 Foundation of Computer Science 4
ETEC 205 Switching Theory and Logic Design 4
ETEE 207 Circuits and Systems 4
ETCS 209 Data Structure 4
ETCS 211 Computer Graphics and Multimedia 4
ETEC 253 Switching Theory and Logic Design Lab 1
ETCS 255 Data Structure Lab 1
ETEE 257 Circuits and Systems Lab 1
ETCS 257 Computer Graphics and Multimedia Lab 1

Forth Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
ETMA 202 Applied Mathematics - IY 4
ETCS 204 Computer Organization and Architecture 4
ETCS 206 Theory of Computation 4
ETCS 208 Database Management Systems 4
ETCS 210 Object Oriented Programming 3
ETEC 208 Communication Systems 4
ETMA 252 Applied Mathematics Lab 1
ETCS 254 Computer Organisation and Architecture Lab 1
ETCS 256 Database Management Systems Lab 1
ETCS 258 Object Oriented Programming Lab 1
ETEC 256 Communication Systems Lab 1
ETSS 250 NCC/NSS*# 1

Fifth Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
ETCS 301 Algorithms Design and Analysis 4
ETCS 303 Software Engineering 4
ETCS 307 Java Programming 4
ETMS 311 Industrial Management 3
ETEC 303 Digital Communication 4
ETHS 301 Communication Skills for Professionals 1
ETCS 351 Algorithms Design and Analysis Lab 1
ETCS 353 Software Engineering Lab^ 1
ETCS 357 Java Programming Lab 1
ETCS 359 Viva Industrial Training / In-house Workshop* 1
ETEC 357 Digital Communication Lab@ 1
ETHS 351 Communication Skills for Professionals Lab 1

Sixth Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
ETCS 302 Compiler Design 4
ETCS 304 Operating Systems 4
ETCS 306 Computer Networks 4
ETCS 308 Web Engineering 3
ETCS 310 Artificial Intelligence 4
ETEE 310 Microprocessor and Microcontroller 4
ETCS 352 Operating Systems (Linux Programming and Administration) Lab 1
ETCS 354 Computer Networks Lab 1
ETCS 356 Web Engineering Lab 1
ETEE 358 Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab 1

Seven Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
ETCS 401 Information Security 4
ETCS403 Software Testing and Quality Assurance 3
ETEC 405 Wireless Communication 3
ETCS 407 Complexity Theory 3
ETCS 409 Intellectual Property Rights 3
ETEC 401 Embedded Systems 3
ETCS 413 Data Mining and Business Intelligence 3
ETCS 415 Advanced Computer Architecture 3
ETCS 410 Natural Language Processing 3
ETIT 415 Digital Signal Processing 3
ETCS 421 Simulation and Modelling 3
ETCS 423 Advanced DBMS 3
ETCS 427 Parallel Computing 3
ETIT 401 Advanced Computer Networks 3
ETEE 429 Control System 3
ETHS 419 Sociology and Elements of Indian History for Engineers 3
ETCS 451 Information Security Lab 1
ETCS 453 Software Testing and QA Lab 1
ETEC 463 Wireless Communication Lab 1
ETCS 457 Lab based on Elective I or II 1
ETCS 459 Summer Training / Industrial Workshop/ Certification 1
ETCS 461 Minor Project+ 3

Eight Semester

CourseCode Course Name Credits
ETIT 402 Mobile Computing 4
ETCS 402 Machine Learning 3
ETHS 402 Human Values and Professional Ethics-II 1
ETIT 418 Digital Image Processing 3
ETCS 408 Microelectronics 3
ETEC-406 Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks 3
ETIT 410 Soft Computing 3
ETIC 414 VLSI Design 3
ETIT 430 Distributed Systems 3
ETCS 412 Object Oriented Software Engineering 3
ETCS 414 Computer Vision 3
ETCS 416 Software Project Management 3
ETCS 404 Human Computer Interaction 3
ETIT 416 Information Theory and Coding 3
ETCS 418 Web Intelligence and Big Data 3
ETCS 420 Service Oriented Architecture 3
ETCS 422 Multiagent Systems 3
ETCS 424 Principles of Programming Languages 3
ETCS 426 Telecommunication Networks 3
ETCS 428 Selected Topics of Recent Trends in Computer Science and Engineering** 3
ETIT 452 Mobile Computing Lab 1
ETCS 454 Machine Learning Lab 1
ETCS 456 Lab based on Elective – I 1
ETCS 458 Lab based on Elective - II 1
ETCS 460 *Major Project 8

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Career Opportunities after B.TECH

  • Content Writer
  • Web Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • Business Consultants
  • Work as an Engineer
  • Get a Masters Degree
  • Join the Civil Services
  • Join the Armed Forces
  • Build your own Startup
  • MSC. Or M.S
  • PGDM
  • Game Designing
  • Photography
  • Event Management
  • Film Making
  • Creative Writing
  • Maritime ( Merchant Navy) Courses

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