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English Speaking Course

It is clearly known to everyone that survival without speaking english in professional career is not easy task to do. Although you may go with your native language but on the career front english is required everywhere.

But don't bother about it, smart talk starts english speaking classes in Yamuna vihar, Uttam nagar Delhi. Student can also enrol in the crash course of 60 days and there are some long term courses as well, which will surely assist you to talk in professional English and that too fluently with panache.

Course Details :

English speaking classes in yamuna vihar, Uttam nagar Delhi emphasis on maximum practice with Experienced trainer and you will be given an instant feedback, group discussion, debating, personality development, building word power, audio listening, picture description, stress and pronunciation are some important parts of our classes. But there's a lot more that you'll get while your classes.

Course Designed For :

This spoken english course is a complete package of Professional English Speaking course, this is a combination of:
Level-1: (Smart English Speaking Beginners Course)
Level-2: (Smart English Speaking General Course) and Smart Accent.
This course is specially designed for those candidates who have enough time to learn Spoken English and they are not able to speak even a single line of English.

Online and Weekly Classes :

students who can't attend classes at our training center can access us on internet by enrolling in our course and those who have no time to come on regular basis can attend classes on weekly basis to make the most of their time. Get professional english speaking classes from english language experts and join spoken english coaching classes in yamuna vihar, uttam nagar Delhi immediately and speak english with 100% confidence from the very first day.

Group Discussions :

Firstly, we have to understand what is group discussion? Group discussion is all about that when a student does make a group to want to get to know about the different opinions on a particular topic every student his/her opportunity to speak and it will help to overcome your fear and hesitation and it will also help to garner information and data from other studies as everyone has their own different opinion for the same thing. At our coaching classes at every week we provided group discussion to help to improve communication skills, we provide these activities for the students at every week.
Also, we are providing live training support for students to improve themselves to nourish their skills and help them to clear students. If they find difficulty in anything, we are providing other activities like videos and all to help students, we are always focusing on the students benefits to give them every facility which the student needs.

Certificates and Badges :

This is a 5-6 month course for the students after completion of this period coaching, we provided certificates to the students of their related course. Our institute also organizes other extra curricular activities for the students. We arrange seminars to the students and our faculty is always ready to help the students.

Eligibility for the Course :

No special degree or education is required for this course basic knowledge of reading and listening are suggested. We will provide classes on beginning, intermediate and advanced level. Students, professionals and housewives can also enroll in this course to move with the passage of time.

Facilities at our training center :

We provide the best of English speaking techniques, PDFs, study materials, books, practice rooms, online tutorials and an authentic certificate will be given at the end of your classes after ensuring that you got good skills, because your future is our main objective.

Come and join "Attitude Academy in Yamuna Vihar, Uttam nagar Delhi" for the best training classes in whole DELHI NCR, you are only a few steps away :)

Role of speaking english in our Life :

As everyone knows that we are living in 21st century & as for development, we have to develop ourself. But there always one question arises, how we develop ourself, the answer of that question is simple with the help of communication skills we can improve yourself and also improve our personality and also help you to reach to your goal. Without English it is tough to survive in this society as English is the international language which is spoken approximately in every country so the communication skills must be important. English may not be the most spoken language in the world, but it is the official language in a large number of countries. It's importance in the global market place therefore cannot be understated, learning English really can change your life. Although the English language is not spoken by largest number of native speakers in the world, it has the widest reach of any language spoken today. This global language has become the most common denominator of communication at present, it is being used more than half of the world and it has become the lingua franca (common language) in many fields, including business, politics, science, technology, and entertainment, to name a few. English is the working language of many international organizations, like NATO and the European Union, and it’s the language of global advertising. It is being used asthe language of internet, accounting for more than half of all websites. For many people, learning English speaking is the only path to achieve peak into a broader range of information, connections, and opportunities. The importance of English speaking is clear and to improve your communication skills, you must follow the below 3 points to become fluent and confident speaker:-


Listening is an important step in communication skills because if you want to become a good speaker firstly you have to be a good listener because a good speaker should have to be a good listener and by listening other you get new new ideas and knowledge because as you know everyone has their different opinions for a particular thing by listening you get to know that what the other person thinks about that particular thing. If you are not listening to anyone then how can you think that other person is gonna hear you as well. So the listening is important.


Reading is also one of the important aspects in communication skills because nowadays everyone has the problem that what to speak? The answer is simple to make your mind creative you have to start reading anything you get your hands on. With the help of reading you can get new new thoughts in your mind and help you find new vocabs and all. Our faculty provides written notes of vocabs, proverbs, phrases, etc. which help you to improve your communication skills.


Speaking is an important part of communication skills. We communicate with others with the help of speaking and as you know we learn any language by virtue of speaking and writing doesn't help us in speaking because in writing and speaking there is a huge difference. Speaking needs environment when you find people like you in somewhere it makes you confident and also help you to improve your communication skills. Our trainers always focus on speaking not on writing because writing is not that much important in speaking and our faculty helps and motivate student to improve themselves.

Benefits of English Speaking Course :

English plays a very important role in a person's life your whole education and graduation is a half part and English is an other half part without English your education is fully completed. So that's why English is very important with English you can communicate anywhere it show your status and your personality. When you start speaking, you can see the improvement in your personality the person who at the good post, they also have better communication skills.
The benefit of English is that as English is the international language which almost every country and it is the widely spoken language and some of the countries where English is the primary language for the communication. All online business and all multinational companies targeting their customers on the basis of English and learning English from a reputed institute will enable you to take your business online. You will find new customers, clients and partners from other parts of the world and also you can communicate a lot more professionally with the help of emails, memos, agreement, chats by using english.
Now we live in cut throat competition where everybody wants to be well settled but one who knows how to speak English properly can achieve this target sooner than others teaching English, working in Multi-national companies, are one of the most fascinating jobs now we have. Tourist guide, journalist or in public relations, English is required at high level hence this course can be really helpful in making your dreams come true.
Hence, join Professional english speaking course in Yamuna vihar, Uttam nagar Delhi now.

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