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Course Overview

Dress designing courses and classes are important aspect in fashion design, fashion merchandising, textile design and tailoring, cutting and boutique programs, including practical sessions under highly professional and expert teachers, at yamuna vihar, uttam nagar Delhi.

Our institute is providing various dress designing programs that can increase opportunities for internships and to develop aspiring designers for the betterment of future. The more advanced programs of dress designing includes designing a style of dress, electing a fabric and constructing that in to a finished product. Dress designing courses can also be joined by individuals who have a creative mind and innovative approach towards the fashion industry our institute provides best classes for dress designing in yamuna vihar, uttam nagar Delhi. Our dress designing classes has been very successful in making students smarter in it.
People have misconception that dress designing, and fashion designing are same courses at some extent they are similar but there are some differences between them. Apparel designer refers to designer who specialize in one category but fashion designer involves in designing & detailing of the dress. Our trainers in dress designing classes at yamuna vihar, uttam nagar Delhi minutely observes students creation and handle them accordingly.
Fashion mostly inspired by the cultural and society attitudes and keeps varying with the passage of time. Cutting, tailoring, boutique are important aspects of making opportunity in career of dress designing. Our classes are based on cultural approach of society. Student can begin the career in the dress designing in multiple fields, some of them are: Fashion Consultant, cutting master, tailoring, Educated Tailors, boutique, Fashion Show organizer, Costume designer, Analyze fashion trend (fashion forecaster) Production and many more. In our institute at yamuna vihar, uttam nagar Delhi our coaching classes are mostly based on practical training of dress designing and important aspects of it.
At initial level students can start by learning cutting, tailoring, boutique etc. by the time they complete their dress designing course, they will have become expert of dress designing under the professional trainers of our classes in yamuna vihar, uttam nagar Delhi, cutting, tailoring, and managing boutique are also useful for domestic life our every woman, they can master the art of cutting, tailoring and boutique in classes of our institute at yamuna vihar, uttam nagar Delhi.
Contact us today if you have interest in and love to express your talent in dress designing, we have the best trainers who are professional in dress designing and have individual’s expert trainers of tailoring, cutting and boutique in our institute at yamuna vihar, uttam nagar Delhi. Join us for the best dress designing course.

Elibility For This Course

There is a benefit for doing this course is that no prerequisites are needed for this course like graduation, higher secondary and secondary standard etc.

Dress Designing  
Before going through Photoshop training candidate should have knowledge of given concepts listed below:
Plain Kurta
Designer Dress
Designer Dress

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